B2 Super Battle Droid

Upgraded Battle Droid


Brawn =3 Agility =3 Intellect =1 Cunning =2 Willpower =2 Presence =1
Soak Value =6 Wound Threshold =5 Defenses M/R = 0/0
Perception =1 Ranged [Heavy] =1 Vigilance =1
Remote Processor (When linked to a Droid Control Center, add 1 Boost Die to Perception and Vigilance checks) Synchronized Fire Circuits (add 1 Boost Die to Range [Heavy] combat checks for each B2 droid in a minion group beyond the first)
Droid (does not need to breathe, eat, or drink, and can survive in vacuum or underwater, immune to poisons or toxins.)
Forearm blasters (Ranged [Heavy], Damage 9, Crit 3, Range [Medium], Linked 1, built-in) Plasteel Shell (Defense =0 Soak =2) Integrated Commlink
3300 Credits/ Rarity =6


Introduced just prior to the Clone Wars, the B2-series Super Battle Droid is a vastly improved version of its B1-series cousin, boasting heavier armor and integrated weapons. While this also resulted in a marked increase in production costs (a fact bemoaned by the notoriously cheap Trade Federation), the fact that the Separatists now had a viable combat model that could be produced in high numbers and didn’t break apart when struck by light arms fire was considered an acceptable trade-off. While they could still be linked to a Droid Control Ship, the B2-series was fully capable of acting on its own, typically following the last set of orders given to it before its link to the control ship was cut off.

While the standard armament of the B2-series Super Battle Droid is comparable to that of the B1-series in terms of base firepower and range, the fact that the forearm blasters cannot be easily disarmed or picked up by the enemy is a strong selling point, as well as the internal bracing allowing for a rapid volley of shots, increasing the combat lethality of the Super Battle Droid considerably, even more so if operating in squads as their droid processors were arranged to permit better coordination of massed fire, allowing a single squad of Super Battle Droids to easily decimate an equivalent number of organic opponents in a matter of minutes, a fact that the Clone Troopers who often faced them kept firmly in mind, often marking these droids as primary targets during the opening volleys of a battle.


I found this writeup at the This Gamer Nation Article. Many thanks to the author known only as Agent 94. Though I made some minor alterations to satisfy my personal taste, most of the heavy lifting was done by this mysterious stranger._

B2 Super Battle Droid

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