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The Force in Exile is an open, organized play campaign run at Randy’s House of Games in Sacramento California. Characters and Adventures in the campaign are designed to be consistent over games played with Multiple GMs and multiple players. To this end, most Adventures are designed to be episodic in nature, beginning and ending in a single session.

It has been Three years since Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, flush with triumph over the Separatists and victorious in the Clone Wars, declared the First Galactic Empire, and was elevated to Emperor through Massive acclaim of the Senate.

The stories in “The Force in Exile” revolve around small groups of characters; tramp freighter crews, drifters, mercenaries, and refugees fleeing the Empire. The Empire claims the whole of the Galaxy as its domain, but the areas known as the Outer Rim and Wild Space remain mostly free of direct Imperial control.

The Outer Rim is a collection of systems independent of Imperial control, petty intertellar polities, and the dominions of the Mandalorans, Bothans, and Hutts. It is a uncoordinated and lawless frontier that is slowly being tamed as the Empire pushes the fringe of it’s control further into the region.

At this time, the Jedi are all but extinct. The desolation of the Jedi Order after Order 66 was complete. Those few who were not killed in the sudden purge have been driven deep underground, hiding far from civilization. Even Force Users who are not Jedi suffer from the Empire’s pogrom of eradication. Thus, Force Sensitive Player Characters are exceedingly rare, and will not be Strong in the Force.

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