STAR WARS – Edge of the Empire


Order has been restored to the galaxy.
With a crushing victory over the skies of CORUSCANT, the GALACTIC EMPIRE has broken the will of the SEPERATISTS, and ending the CLONE WARS. In the aftermath of the fighting, the JEDI KNIGHTS were accused of treason against the Emperor and were wiped out wherever they could be found. With an iron fist, the GALACTIC EMPIRE seized control of the worlds of the OLD REPUBLIC.
It has been a year since the droid armies were deactivated. The Core Worlds have returned to their pre-war stability, but the new Galactic Order has imposed a new harsh regime of control. Supported by the GALACTIC SENATE, the EMPEROR PALPATINE has transformed the clone army to legions of IMPERIAL STORMTROOPERS and an IMPERIAL FLEET loyal to him personally.
“Dissent”, the Emperor Declared, “is the great sickness of society. Its insidious and corrupting influence destroys the common will and erodes the common strength of a great civilization.”
Even as the Empire tightened its grip around the Core Worlds, the Emperor himself as charged his most powerful and loyal servant, DARTH VADER with a secret mission to eradicate any and all remaining Jedi Knights and their sympathizers wherever they hide beyond the frontiers of the Empire.
Yet, hope is not lost, secretly within the GALACTIC SENATE, a caucus of Senators have been planning a resistance and REBELLION against the Emperor and his draconian rule. While the plots of Senators are hatched among the estates of sympathetic allies among the CORE WORLDS, it is the loosely enforced domains and territories along the OUTER RIM where those plans can be executed.
It is here, on the Outer Rim, among the lost and forgotten that the campaign begins. The characters are all outcasts, drifters and fugitives who have reasons to escape the far reach of the Empire. As adventures continue, the characters cannot stay at any one place for too long, the Empire continues to expand its control further beyond the Core Worlds and places to run and hide grow scarce.
Still, the Galaxy cries out for Justice. Only when good men do nothing…
… can Evil Triumph.

The FORCE in Exile

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